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What is a healing circle?
A healing circle is an opportunity to share whatever is on our minds -- our hopes, goals, concerns, needs for support, and so on.   We learn quick and easy ways to soothe someone with light non-invasive touch and exchange healing with other women. We also learn great self-care tools such as yoga, meditation, setting intention, deep breathing, and so on to use in our daily lives.

What if the healing circle is too far from my home or job? Will you do a circle in my area?

Our circle meets in a different location each month. If you would like to host a circle in your area, we will be happy to meet there. Women are encouraged to carpool to meetings.  You can connect with other women who are attending in the Discussion Forum on this website.

Is there a cost to join the circle?

There is a $15 fee per circle.  

What is the age range of the women in the circle?

Women of any age are welcome to join the circle. Currently, the age range of the attending women is 18 - 60.

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