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Healing with Gabrielle


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Gabrielle's hands-on treatments blend several bodywork and energywork modalities to soothe the body, mind and spirit. They are not only deeply relaxing but they also provide relief from pain, anxiety, stress and discomfort. Client's experience improved mental clarity and enhanced capacity for calm thinking and creativity after just one session. Sessions are available as outcall services or at her office located in the heart of Miami's booming Omni-Venetia area. Prices may vary depending on location, time and length of appointment.


Massage Therapy


Gabrielle's custom massage treatments may include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai and Reflexology to soothe the nervous system, increase circulation and flexibility, strengthen the immune system and increase energy. One hour and 90 minute sessions are available by appointment.


Energy Balancing


Gabrielle's unique approach to energy balancing includes a reading of the 'chakras' or energy centers of the body, an interpretation of the energetic causes of physical illness, a release of energy blockages and a balancing of chi or energy. Treatments last 45 minutes to an hour and are available by appointment.


Ear Candling


Gabrielle uses an ancient ear cleaning technique to naturally and comfortably treat ear and sinus problems. Clients find relief from allergies, nasal congestion and sinus pressure with this fast and effective treatment. A 30-minute treatment will address both ears and is available by appointment.