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Healing with Gabrielle


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"You are one of the best at your craft. My back has been hurting me since May. For the most part I took Advil when needed for the pain. Your massage has kept me off the Advil. You have magical hands."

Bill McMaho 


"That was the most awesome experience I ever had."

Suzzanne Colby

"Thank you so much for sharing your healing gift with me. It was my honor to be in your care."

Rev. Kevin Ross


"Thanks for the wonderful massage. I have received massage therapy from many a therapist but none as skilled as you. My back is one the mends in large part to your efforts."    

Jeffrey P. Hoffman, Esq. 


"Thanks so much for doing the Healing Touch session with me. I don't know what it is but something feels better inside me." 

Kari Albrechtsen


"I love your writing. It's smart and insightful. You've always been a leader in showing people that it's possible to do things differently, to approach stuff in a different way, and that a lot of the limitations we experience are self-imposed."  

Alfonso Montuori, PhD


"Gabrielle is intelligent and articulate. She is reliable and conscientious. She has demonstrated vision and insight and is a great asset."  

Valerie Hodge, VP of Student Development at ESU


"Gabrielle goes beyond acceptance and embraces differences in others. Her commitment to a just and sharing community is shown time and time again." 

Patricia Kashner


"Gabrielle's enthusiasm for learning is remarkable. It is infectious in that she encourages others to heightened intellectual achievements. She is a role model for scholarly attainment and an asset to any academic community."  

Hugh Cline, PhD 


"Gabrielle is delightfully enthusiastic and energetic, very intelligent, insightful, resourceful and self-confident. Her integrity is above reproach. I have also found her to be warm and sincere, respectful of others and reliable."  

Kelly Felins, MD


"Gabrielle is a child at heart, however, her playfulness never overshadows her intelligence.   She is an extremely bright woman, she brings a wealth of information to the table and always has a quickness for learning new material." 

 Dr.Wendy Gallego