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Healing with Gabrielle


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Gabrielle is much more than a licensed massage therapist or PhD student. She is a model, artist, healer, educator, writer and world traveler. She cannot be defined by any one label or characteristic. She is the embodiment of versatility, energy, creativity and compassion. She has worked with the most famous and affluent members of the entertainment, fashion, political, technology and academic arenas and also volunteered her time with the poorest members of the global community in locations as remote as Northern India.


Gabrielle has been described by her clients and co-workers as enthusiastic, energetic, inspirational, intelligent, and someone with vision and insight. As a practitioner of modern healing science, she is a living example of an approach to health care that symbolizes a more unified spectrum than the status quo. Her work as an educator is based on Transformative Learning Theory and blends metaphysics, mysticism, esoteric teachings and spiritual beliefs with modern physics, transpersonal psychology, integral philosophy and holistic therapies. Her writings are as diverse as her experiences and range from professional articles on topics such as self-care to published poetry to personal accounts of pilgrimages to sacred sites. Her artwork and designs have been exhibited in juried shows and sold on her clothing line, Inspi8tion Cre8tions. 


Gabrielle has more than 750 hours of training in bodywork and energywork modalities. She has an AA in Fine Arts, a BA in Psychology, and an MA in Educational Technology from Columbia University. Her current doctoral research explores the life experiences of women healers. Through her one-of-a-kind practice, Gabrielle co-creates positive change and healing with her clients using the principles of love, empowerment, self-care, and transformation. Working with Gabrielle is guaranteed to be an experience you will never forget.