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Earth Spinning

Below you will find some of my favorite links
around the world ...


The Caring Center

National Center for C.A.M.

Touch Research Institute

Center for Partnership Studies

Pari Center

International Center for Transdisciplinary Research

International Network for Life Studies

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Fetzer Institute

Esalen Center

Omega Institute

Institute for the Advancement of Service

Upledger Institute

Academy of Intuitive Studies and Intuition Medicine

The Co-Intelligence Institute

International Center for the Integration of Health and Spirituality

Consciousness and Spirituality

Emissary of Light

Exchanges between Buddhism and Behavioral Sciences


Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness

The Journal of Psychospiritual Transformation

How water reflects our consciousness

Messages from Water

Supramental Meditation Dr. Haridas Chaudhuri

Spiritual Emergence Network

An Introduction to Buddhism

International Campaign for Tibet


Soul Cards

Creativity & Culture

Cultural Creatives

Great Thinkers and Visionaries

In Search of Creativity A. Montouri

Creativity in Small Groups

Joy Magazine

Creative Inquiry

Cultural Relativism In a Multicultural World

Sweatshops and Butterflies: Cultural Ecology on The Edge

Cultural Creativity

Religious Movements

Women of Vision and Action

Gather the Women


Life Web: The Writings of Elisabeth Sahtouris

The University as a Space of Possibility

Collection of Transdisciplinary academic papers

A New Vision of the World: Transdisciplinarity

Margaret Wheatley

Integral Age

Creating Learning Communities

Enneagram and Other Tests

Enneagram Central

Myers-Briggs Online Test

Tests, tests, tests

Healing and Wellness

White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy

American Massage Therapy Association

National Certification Board for Massage

Healing Touch International

American Association of Integrative Medicine

American Holistic Medical Association

International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine

Ringing Rocks Foundation

In the Service of Life

About Massage

Healing Society

International Associations for Human Caring

Highly Sensitive Person

Margaret Newman

Byron Katie

Gabrielle Roth

Barbara Brennan

Caroline Myss

Norman Shealy MD PHD

Eckhart Tolle

Daily Biorhythms

Alex Grey

Dr. Brugh Joy


Larry Dossey MD

Inner Visions

The Way to Balance

Seek to Know

Journals and Magazines

Positive Health

Alternative Therapies

Spirituality & Health

Science & Spirit

Journal of Spiritual Bodywork

Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine Journal

Integrating Conventional and Alternative Medicine

YES! A Journal of Positive Futures

Positive Health

The Journal of Psychospiritual Transformation

Daily Zen

TAMARA journal

Sage Publications

Journals Directory

Advances in Mind-Body Medicine

Pathways Magazine

Natural Awakenings

Massage Magazine

Body & Soul Magazine

Massage & Bodywork Magazine

Alternative Medicine Magazine

Alternative Medicine Review

Spa Finder

Well-Being Journal

Vitality Magazine

Esoterica Journal

Women's Studies Journals

Online Resources & Research Inquiry

Digital Dissertations

World Database of Happiness

Philosohy & Religion Dictionary

Dictionary of the Social Sciences

Online Library of Books and Journals

Social science information gateway (SOSIG)

Science of the Heart

Women-centered research

Partners in Life: Synergy at work

Papers and Chapters by Peter Reason

Annotated Bibliography on Qualitative Methods

Narrative Psychology and the Healing Arts

The Power of Story

Center for Narrative Inquiry

Quantitative Study of Dreams

Research Council on Complementary Medicine

Rosethal Center at Columbia University


International Living

Go Abroad

Discovery Travel

Teach and Travel

Cross Cultural Journeys

Sacred Site Pilgrimages

Body, Mind, Spirit Journeys

Whole Systems Thinking



Whole Systems

Cybernetics and Systems Theory

Complex Systems Virtual Library

Time Space Knowledge

Coping with Uncertainty


Ethics and second-order cybernetics

Towards and Ecology of Mind

Complexity Timeline

Wellness Directories

Think Holistic

Fitness Finder

The Healers

Massage Services Directory

Massage Referral

The Open Directory

I want a Massage

Healer Pages

Healing Arts Network

Associated Bodywork Professionals

Schools for Natural Healers