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Cohort 16 Rocks!

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Member Bios and Photos:

Daisy Nelson

Daisy is married and belongs to a family with five adult children. She has the privilege of working with parents in a school in south Baltimore to nurture and support them to achieve their personal, parenting and professional goals. Her research interests are the transformative learning and change of parents in relation to themselves and to their children.

Gabrielle Pelicci

Gabrielle is a licensed massage therapist and currently lives in Miami Beach, FL. She has a BA in Psychology and an MA in Educational Technology. She has worked with young people as a counselor, mentor and tutor for several years. Her passions include reading, traveling, technology, Buddhism, Massage Therapy and Healing Touch. She proudly wears five tatoos and is the youngest member of Cohort 16.

Matt Taylor

Matt lives in Galena, IL tucked in the very NW corner of the state. He lectures and writes nationally on how to utilize the timeless principles of yoga to make rehabilitation more compassionate and comprehensive. He and his wife of 21 years, Jennifer, enjoy their family of 3 children, Emily 19, Adam 17, and Anthony 10. Their private physical therapy clinic/health club serves the entire county of 23,000 both traditional and complementary services. They all work to foster transformation in the center of the country.

Charlie Trull

Charlie lives in Phoenix Az He teaches Juijitsu in a local dojo. His first discovery of alternative cultures and spiritual thought came through martial arts in 1968 and he hasn't looked back since. He's been apprenticed to a Shaman for 10 years and also works 40 hours a week as a psychotherapist a local hospital. His research interest is exploring personal stories or transformation through the ceremonial use of Teacher Plants.

Roy Whitten

Roy is married, with two children - one grown and married, and the other a junior in high school.
His background includes ordination to the priesthood (Episcopal), nine years of parish work, and pastoral counseling and spiritual direction. For the past 20 years, he was teaching experiential, transformative learning courses for the general public in the program he co-founded called "The Life Training Program." He also worked as a business consultant and wrote a couple of small books.