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Members A - M
Cohort 16 Rocks!

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Member Bios and Photos:

Anne Adams

Anne has designed and led seminars, workshops and educational programs for professional groups, individuals, corporations and educational institutions for more than 28 years. She received her BA and MA from the University of Michigan in Clinical and Educational Psychology. Her current personal commitments include the integration of mind, body and spirit for herself, colleagues, clients, friends and family, and living in a way that is inclusive of all life.

Christin Carter

Chris is a software systems consultant from Atlanta, Georgia focusing on a product called SAP. Her work involves not only the software side, but also helping organizations change the way they do business. She is married and has 2 grown sons and three wonderful grandchildren. Her interests include hiking, some backpacking, traveling about in her RV with her husband, George, and involvement with the sport of soaring, since her husband is a glider pilot.

Carolyn Choi

Caroyln has been in nursing and education for 40 yrs and is currently practicing as a staff level hospice nurse and part time educator. She is comitted to teaching the underclasses of the health care system and has a great fear of being like the sterotypical old maid librarian(kinda like Lilli Tomlison's character)-- she would much rather be like Carol Burnett.

Carey Clark

Carey teaches nursing at UCSF to students who have a bachelors degree or higher in a field other then nursing. Her main research interests have been spiritual care at end of life and nursing education. She is married to a pianist and lives in both Whittier and Pacifica, California. She has a cat named Sterling and a very adventurous dog named Lucy. Her interests include running, camping, traveling, and relaxing.

Lily Fessenden

Lily is part of the Ravenwood Collective in Searsmont, Maine.  Ravenwood hosts the Maine Sustainability Semester for Audubon Expedition Institute where Lily is Director of Academic Affairs.  She is also an organic gardener, the mother of Todd (19) and Jesse (26) and her life partner of 31 years works with transformative learning and change in hospital environments.

Blair Gelbond

Blair lives and works in Boston as a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, & editor. He received his Master's in Social Work from Boston University in 1981 and also studied Zen & Vipassana meditation, martial arts, astrology, humanistic psychologies, & devotional yoga for many years. His research interest is bringing holistic principles to incarcerated individuals. He designed a curriculum called "The Success Project" for prisoners & those in prison diversion programs, which he plans to market in the future.

Lisa Herzig

Lisa lives in Savannah, GA with her 3 children and her husband, Carl. She currently works as a health educator and nutritionist at a local hospital focusing on women's health and family health. She also teaches nutrition classes for nurses and health professionals at a local community college. She has been practicing nutrition for many years and is looking to CIIS to find the next step in her life.

Alfonso "Monty" Montuori

Monty, the fearless leader of C16, is a former musician with several recordings to his credit. He has been heard singing online tunes like "I'm every woman it's all in meeeeeeeeeeee" and "I am the Walrus Coo--Coo--Ka-Choo!" He is presently Associate Professor at CIIS and a consultant at an executive development firm. He has lived and worked in Holland, Greece, Italy, England, the United States, and the People's Republic of China. That's our Monty!