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Healing with Gabrielle


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Nikken Products

Finding Balance through The 5 Pillars of Health


Nikken is a company committed to helping people create balanced lifestyles.  Nikken was founded on a philosophy that promotes "total wellness" - a state of  balance in five key areas of life called The 5 Pillars of Health.
 Body                 Mind                Family              Society            Finances
 The foundation of Nikken is the phenomenal Nikken product line. These are the most highly advanced products in the world for promoting greater health and wellness. What makes these products so advanced? Nikken's exclusive, patented,  cutting-edge technologies. Scientific breakthroughs like Advanced Magnetic Technology, Advanced Sleep System with Magnetic Technology,  Far-Infrared Technology, and Bio-Directed Nutri-Technology.

If you are interested in purchasing a product or becoming a Nikken Distributor, please contact me at  For more information about the products or the company, you can visit the webpage at:

Nikken Homepage